100% Multilanguage Support

Over 100 built-in language packs that can easily be enabled and plugins that provide extended multi-lingual capabilities.

Displaying text in multiple languages

The multi-language content filter enables resources to be created in multiple languages. 

To use this feature first create your content in multiple languages (in the same resource). Then enclose each language block (aka multilang block) in the following tags:

      <span lang="XX" class="multilang">your_content_here</span>
      <span lang="YY" class="multilang">your_content_in_other_language_here</span>

It is essential to be in the code editing mode (press [<>] in the HTML editor), when you enter these tags for them to work. Only spaces, tabs and enters can be used between the individual languages in the multilang block.

Enabling the multi-language content filter

An admin can enable the multi-language content filter as follows:

  1. Go to Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters and in the dropdown menu for multi-language content select 'On'.
  2. If headings are to be shown in multiple languages too, select 'Content and headings' in the 'Apply to' column. Note that this may affect site performance.

The 'Restriction by language' additional plugin

Language filters are great, but sometimes they can make your resources and activities very complex.

The Restriction by language availability condition is an additional plugin that makes it easy to show an English resource only to English users and an activity in French only to French speaking students.