Frontpage Slideshow

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Display images and informations for your Moodle site with customizable transition effects.

Camera slideshow

camera slider

Theme Lambda uses a jQuery slideshow with an adaptive/responsive layout, easy to use with an extended administration panel. It provides settings for images, headings, captions und hyperlinks. The slider displays all this with a modern style and allows the customization of the transition effects.

Items can be browsed with prev-next buttons or bullet navigation, a play/pause option exists and a loader informs the user about the timing of the next slide.

Camera Slideshow is responsive: It works perfectly on desktop as well as on all mobile devices.

Frontpage Carousel

You can also setup a carousel slider for your Frontpage. Captions will appear as a hover effect for the images.

Options for the carousel:

Images only (no hover effect)
Images with headings and captions (hover effect)
Additional HTML content area